Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

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“I woke up this morning thinking, who the hell do I think I am and I thought I am a beautiful, strong, woman and I can do this. You gave me so much confidence and it stayed with me. I feel like you are my therapist and friend.

If you are looking for a positive change, look right here. Judy is a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to work with. It is NOT about being thin. It is about getting through this thing we call, “LIFE”. Healthy in mind, body and spirit. That is what Judy offers.” – Janice

Nourishing Strategy Session & Smart Shopping Tour

“This was an educational & eye-opening experience. I thought I had no options but now I learned that I do.

Thank you so much for the recipes.  You’ve been so helpful and encouraging.  I know I can integrate the information you gave me into my life.  I have already told several friends about you and about how informative and supportive you have been.  Hopefully, they will contact you and benefit from your wealth of knowledge. Thank you again for everything.” – Janet 

Cleanse Raves

“I felt this experience helped me to feel more centered, balanced, and peaceful.  Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed in my life so this cleanse was a wonderful refocusing experience for me on this journey.”  – Bonnie

“I just feel better overall. I feel lighter, my clothes fit better and my stomach is flatter. Yay!” – Diane Mauceri

Lightness and les tummy upsets which I get from too much sugar and stress.  Getting back in the habit of juicing and eating fresh vegetables and fruits and of course, lots of Quinoa.”  – Nancy Mindes

“Mark got into drinking the Master Cleanse which is good for kidney cleaning and detox which after 2 straight years of chemo he needed to do exactly that… clean out his body     He ate everything with gusto so that is a very good thing. Feeling less bloated and lighter in general & less hair loss” – Denise

I am grateful for all that have assembled these petite containers. A daily treasure to me in finding exquisite blends .A small dish with natural flavors that can bring us delight. Thinking its not enough. It’s a simple treasure that at time I dismiss quickly.  Thank you all for reminding me; the bliss in food is simple and petite.”  – Veronica Marie

“I am so happy that I finally did the cleanse and cannot believe how easy and enjoyable it was .It came at a perfect time in my life b/c I was ready to get healthy again. After becoming a mom 3 years ago, I let myself go and didn’t like the way I looked or felt.”

“I really was looking for a fresh start and this was the perfect answer for me.”

“I really loved the strawberry almond delight and looked forward to it every morning.  The recipes were delicious and super easy to make. I do not like to cook but didn’t mind making any of the dishes b/c they could all be done in one pot, which makes clean up easy also. I enjoyed the daily emails and liked having your support and the support of the other cleansers. 

I am so happy to finally be back in control of my eating and have gotten rid of all of my cravings for sugar and other junk.  This has definitely given me the boost that I needed and people are even starting to comment on how much energy I have and how much happier I seem. I am continuing to juice every morning and have smoothies and have made the fresh start recipes the staple of my diet.” – Cindy Caldwell

“The cleanse has made me think more about my food choices, and it has opened my eyes to incorporating more vegetables and juices into my diet.  I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of the vegetable juices (cucumber, romaine, celery, carrots).  I definitely felt more energetic each day.” – Frank

“The UEC cleanse literally changed my life! My energy level, alertness and overall well being increased dramatically. I was able to discover new foods notably quinoa and learned a tremendous amount about the true nutritional content of organic foods. On top of it I lost 11 lbs and I sleep better now than I have in years. The cleanse is a great way to springboard into a healthy lifestyle.” – Ryan Fennelly

“Thanks again for everything. Today I feel very positive and grateful. The one change that I gained from past cleanses is I gave up sweet n low, which I used to use 2 to 3 packets a day, now I don’t use any sweetener. I think this cleanse just made me more aware of how important what we eat really is.” – Bonnie

“You have been an invaluable resource to me and all students and I hope you feel the rewarding gratification of knowing you are changing lives. – Sarabjot Kaur~Arlene Lucas,
Director, Divine Yoga

“Judy is not only knowledgeable about the joys of healthful eating she is passionate and cares about each person’s individual desires and outcomes.  It has been my good fortune to be a part of the Divine Yoga NY semi- annual cleanse program where she is our health coach and cheerleader.  She plans menus that are both delicious and satisfy all the cravings one might encounter. By doing this, she makes the process enjoyable and doable so that I can continue to incorporate healthful eating to my life.”  – Nancy Mindes

“Thank you again for all your energy and hard work during this especially challenging, active week for you.” – Georgette

“I am surprised at how good I feel. I am not tired. This is my first day with no headache and my allergies are pretty good. I actually exercised for 20min!” – Janice

“Thank you for all you have done to make this a successful and easy cleanse.” – Vina

“Add to success stories, that my Mom lost 9 lbs and vowed to eat this way as much as she can from now on. I have tried many times to get her to improve her diet mainly give up milk and eat less bread. The structure of the cleanse opened her eyes. With so much gratitude.” – Anna

“Thank you for the enormous effort you put into this cleanse and to our good health.  We are successful because of you! Sat Nam” – J

“Wahe Guru!!
Thank you Coach Judy!
J…juicy & joyful
D…dedicated & delish
Y…yummy & youthful”
Blessings, Suzy

“Thank you so much for the energy and effort you put into this project.” – Anna

“You were a great coach!” – Helen

“Everything is running so smoothly and the food is so refreshing. Thanks!” – Joanie & Emma

“Thank you Judy for the ‘eating awareness’ that has been awakened in me.” – Joanie

“I got up early to exercise two days in a row I am headache free and my sinuses feel great! I am shocked how great I feel!! Thanks. I just ate an avocado and it was the best thing I ever ate in my life!!” – Janice

“One good thing about this week, not the constant dieting mentality, 2 oz of this 4 oz of that etc.  It was very liberating, considering my war with food since I was 12 years old!  Thanks again for the experience, I truly feel healed, in that I had the determination to do this and that I was able to eat without weighing, measuring or feeling guilty!  I may be on a new path….I will keep you posted.” – Annie

“Thanks again for your professionalism and non-pressured sales approach about joining the cleanse. I was apprehensive at first, but with the help/support/cooking of my wife and your guidance & encouragement, and knowing that 30 other people are detoxing… it made it easier. I found the cleanse trying during the midweek but worth the net results.

I lost 16 lbs in one week and maintained it for about 4 mos. Exercise (Bikram yoga) goes hand in hand with your cleanse, because you don’t feel sluggish, like I did with other diets I tried. – Jimmy M

“I feel lighter and am applying a lot of what I learned to my everyday life.  I am still juicing every morning and am only eating fruits in the morning.  Veggies at lunch and then veggies and lean protein at dinner.  Have eliminated, so far, processed foods and red meat from my diet and have had very little dairy since.  I have decreased dairy, no caffeine or processed foods. Morning headaches went away – obviously something I was eating before.  They haven’t returned. I have altered the way I shop, cook and eat.  I was always semi-conscious of what I was buying and how I was preparing it.  Now I am that much more aware.  I used to shop for what I needed, now I shop for the best available. Ice cream used to be my big downfall – haven’t had any since.” – Patti M

“Still no coffee! The cleanse was great and so was the food. No red meat, almost no dairy and no coffee.  I lost 8 pounds and felt very good. I felt accomplished, motivated and healthy. I am definitely making different choices now than before the cleanse. And I’m really trying to avoid have cookies, ice cream, etc. in the house now so I can’t turn to it.” –  Regina

“I have always thought about doing a cleanse, but now I can say I DID IT!!  You have helped me realize how important clean eating is.  Not only now, but for the future.  Not only for me but also for my entire family.  I will look forward to the next cleanse.  I am forever grateful! Thank you Judy!!  Right now I feel super, clean and healthy!!  I am very excited to be planning and shopping for my own meals today. I realized coffee was not important and the thought of milk and artificial sweetener was just yucky.  I didn’t want to spoil all the cleansing.  

I feel light, more in control and I have regained my awareness of food and sensible eating habits. I feel like I’m walking above the clouds!  I am very interested to continue on this journey with your guidance.  You watching over and supporting me, was the biggest help. and made me feel like I was in very good hands. You were so helpful and supportive, much more than I expected.  You’re wonderful, caring nature, experience and knowledge helped me to make it all seven days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Barbera

I follow a healthy routine already but I did cut out more empty carb foods, breads, bagels etc. My body was very satisfied.  I had plenty of energy and felt good. I felt lighter. I look for healthier foods, more of a vegetarian diet.  I think you were wonderful.  You gave 110%.  There is nothing I would change.” – Vina


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