Are you ready to embrace it?

Flourish Beyond 50

Flourish Beyond 50 offers a refreshing new way to honor yourself.

It’s time to celebrate you, your journey, and all that you have to offer.

Whether you have already stepped into this beautiful season, recently arrived, or are just getting your feet wet this book lays out a path to vibrant living.

This book celebrates women. It speaks to those at a turning point or approaching a milestone year in their lives.

You’ll find:

  • Encouragement
  • Guidance
  • Flourish action steps
  • Scrumptious recipes
  • Inspiring stories from real women
  • Opportunity for self-reflection with thought-provoking prompts to help you carve your path to vibrant living.

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You'll be inspired to:

  • Nurture yourself and cultivate a vibrant lifestyle.
  • Discover what nourishes your body, heart, and soul.
  • Reclaim your youthful playfulness, curiosity, and vitality.
  • Blossom with a renewed zest for life.
  • Embrace your gifts and the blessings each year offers.
  • Dance through your life with ease, grace, and confidence knowing that you are just getting started.

This is your time to FLOURISH!

Meet Judy Griffin

After a tragic loss, Judy chose vibrant nourishment as a recovery tool and began to flourish. This prompted her to hone in on soulful wellness, get certified in Health Coaching, and help other women nourish their way to a vibrant life.  She encourages you to live life deliciously and to reclaim your youthful vitality by embracing pleasure, play, and joy.

Judy is a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is Level 1 Raw Food Certified, a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner, a Certified Hormone Cure Coach, and the Founder of Nourishing Soulutions as well as a Founding Partner at Vital Advantage Consulting. Visit Flourish Beyond 50 on Face Book.

Praise for Flourish Beyond 50

“I was very pleased to read Judy Griffin's book "Flourish Beyond 50". She truly encapsulates the heart of a woman in her writing. We have fears of aging that are needless and she calls us to "Show up!" in all our glory.
The design of the book for journaling with insight and the recipes are two of my favorite aspects and were a pleasant surprise among the wisdom and sound recommendations she artfully expresses. This is certainly a book to curl up with and enjoy.”

- Dr. Anna Cabeca is a women's health and
age management expert

“When I first started reading “Flourish”, I liked it so much I closed my door and got comfortable, slipping into the comfort and inspiration found on every single page. Judy has a gift for bringing you gently into endless possibility and joy with loving guidance and inspiring self- reflection. Every chapter leads you on a rich journey and she includes fabulous recipes in each chapter that are amazing. For me, this gift of ease should be renamed “Guide to Life” because it has everything I want in one pretty little package. Thank you Judy for the beauty you bring to us all. Christmas shopping just got easier!”

- Carolan Deacon, Healing Songstress, vocalist, speaker,
writer and coach

“Judy Griffin has masterfullycombined the wisdom of a host of mind, body and spirit experts and intertwinedthem with her own personal stories of lessons learned which have resultedin a vibrant life. She spackles the pages with wonderful, nutritional recipes whileassuring the reader that the journey is far more simple than many perceive. As youturn the pages you recognize that a cohesive philosophy for harmonious living isunfolding and the reader is left with useful tools and a handy workbook to launch alife of healthy habits and practical principles to living a vibrant life.

— Ariaa Jaeger, Best-Selling author, “Ariaaisms Spiritual Food for the Soul” and “The Book of Ariaa, Quotes for a Luminous Life.”

I just finished reading Judy’s book and I have to say, if you are over 50, you really need to read this book. I had a touch of “Oh I’m too young to read a book about aging”, but once I started to read her chapters, I was immediately drawn into the flow of her voice and wisdom. The book is laid out in a way that each chapter highlights an aspect of a vibrant life and weaves in personal stories of her own and of other women to highlight those points. Each chapter closes with workbook style questions for self-reflection, action steps and a yummy recipe.

I was surprised by how effortlessly the book provided a structure for me to reflect on all of the parts of my life, which I love. Judy succeeded in writing a book that has the voice of sitting down with your best friend and jumping into all those shared experiences and juicy bits that make friendships so valuable. I felt inspired and motivated by each chapter and even psyched to be 50!

Our culture is flooded with books and products on aging, most trying to sell us costly products or magic bullet advice to defy this natural process. The following passage best sums up Judy’s awesome grasp on how to truly flourish at any age.

“Although I enjoy select skin care products, supplements, super foods, healing foods, and essential oils that promote vitality, you just can’t beat the benefits of play, pleasure, laughter, and love. The truth is simple: your fountain of youth is right inside you. It’s in your dreams, your mindset, your attitudes, and your desires. You just need to feed it. Once you rediscover these youthful benefits, you’ll be ready to embrace them every day.”
-Judy Griffin

- Maureen Wheeler, Health Coach &EcoMama