Don’t we all just want to feel special?

by Judy Griffin on February 14, 2013

I just love date nights on the beach!

I just love date nights on the beach!

Don’t we all just want to feel special?

I know I do and am so very grateful to the people that make me feel this way.

Around Valentine’s Day the focus is love but I think the real point is letting those you love know how special they are to you. It’s so important to practice this everyday.

Day to day we can often forget how important it is to show people how much we value them.   I know I can get caught up in my business and household obligations and sometimes it feels like my husband and I are ships passing in the night.

Recently, an old college crush friended me on facebook after about 30 years. This was a guy who always made me smile and it was great to catch up and revisit those carefree college days.  It felt so good to get reacquainted with the 19 year old me.

Now, it was only a few months later that I met my husband. My college crush-turned sweetheart –and husband for almost 24 years.  Now here was a guy who really knew how to make a girl feel special and always made my heart smile.

Of course he still makes me feel special but along the way husbands and wives can forget those magical boyfriend – girlfriend days.  Life can get in the way of feeling that sparkle. Our routines can interfere with what and who really matters.

So, when I am looking for that sparkle I first remember how special I am.  I think this is key. You need to feel that in your heart and love yourself up.  You need to rest and revitalize so you have more to give. This works for me and I know when I make I make a conscious effort to make time for us, my husband really does  appreciate it. Date nights are a perfect way to spice things up. 

So when you are not feeling oh so special, no matter what the reason, give yourself some TLC. Now, you can shine a light on someone you love. Chances are that if you’re not feeling appreciated the person you love most likely feels the same way.

Nourishing yourself with some TLC can start now my joining my Savvy Souls Wellness Circle. This is an opportunity to gather, blossom, and thrive.  When you focus on your well being you are so much better equipped to nurture the ones you love.

I would love you to share your thoughts by commenting here. How do you show the people you love that you value them? What’s your remedy to get that sparkle back?


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Pamela Wills March 25, 2013 at 2:20 pm

TLC = sparkle, love this! Great post!


Judy Griffin March 29, 2013 at 1:39 pm

Thank you so much Pamela. I appreciate your feedback.


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