Flourish at any age with Carolan Deacon

by Judy Griffin on June 29, 2014

I feel more alive now, at the age of 43, than I ever have in my life.

I enjoy better health now, at the age of 43, than I ever have in my life.


I am happier now, at the age of 43, than I ever have been in my life.

I am flourishing now, at the age of 43…and I am grateful.

My journey is not so special. But what I have learned along the way I am happy to share with you along with my loving intention that is lifts you, inspires and guides you to your next step to flourishing…at any age.

I struggled from a young age with anxiety. I struggled from a young age with low self esteem and no healthy sense of who I was and what would fulfill me. I grasped at a lot of mistruths and false substances to ‘help’ me. And down I went.

Fast forward 10 years to  2002. I decided at the age of 32 that I wanted to let go of my crutches and live the life I knew was waiting for me.

I made some huge lifestyle changes which included divorce, total health makeover and career change. I also embraced my God with all my heart. I wrapped myself in Spirit like a warm blanket. I changed my life 360 degrees.

Was it quick? No.

Was it easy? It was easy when I let go of my resistance to letting go and letting God.

It was easy when I learned to trust my intuition.

It is this that I want to emphasize to you. I had an inner compass inside me all my life. I knew it when I made bad choices. I knew it when I veered off the path to my highest good. I knew it when I listened to Spirit and said ‘yes’.

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Listen, dear one. Listen to your hearts whisper. Your heart whisper is God and will never lead you astray.

Three years ago, I had a heart whisper to have a music ministry helping others to live vibrantly, sharing my own positive music with imagery, sound and affirmative lyric in a way that serves. I have this now and it is thriving and I am traveling all over the country sharing my gifts of music in a way that serves profoundly.

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One and a half years ago, I had a heart whisper to have an online program and community helping support women with stress and life changes naturally with all the priceless things I was looking for but could not find when I was in transition. I created and lead this program now and these amazing women from all over the world have me in awe of their strength and love for life.

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Three and a half years ago, I listened to my intuition and sought help from a reflexologist. I then had the deepest heart whisper come true as my daughter was born to me. She is the greatest gift and the beat of my heart. She came after years of failed fertility treatments and adoptions. She landed in my arms with the smile of God on her face. And I am so grateful…so blessed.

For me, flourishing presented when I let go of all that is NOT me. Flourishing sparked when I learned to follow my heart’s whispers. Flourishing is me here today…dancing in the sparkle of all the blessings that surround me.

~Much love and ease to you in your journey and may you know love and peace.

I’m Carolan. I am a Healing Songstress and Guide to Ease & Grace, probably yours. I would love to connect with you here. (http://www.carolandeacon.com)

I hope you enjoyed learning how my beautiful friend & colleague Carolan flourishes. Don’t you just love how she defines flourishing? I find this description and her story so uplifting, honest, hopeful. She really speaks from the heart. Carolan has a magical singing voice and a fairy like quality that sprinkles  love, joy, ease, and grace on everyone she meets.

How does Carolan’s story resonate for you? I invite you to post a response below.

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Samyak Yamauchi July 1, 2014 at 5:13 pm

I love the term “heart whisper”! Sounds like your life is bringing you much joy!


Judy Griffin July 1, 2014 at 5:18 pm

Yes, I love that term too Samyak. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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