Flourish Beyond 50-Coming Clean @ 15!-Jane Stinson

by Judy Griffin on July 8, 2014



The summer after my sophomore year in high school was a time in my life that I felt self-confident, powerful, happy and content.

I went to an all girls’ catholic high school and in sophomore year we had to declare whether our studies would be college or commercial (typing, stenography, dictation, etc.)

I loved the Spanish language and wanted to be a Spanish interpreter. I felt very confident in my decision in choosing the college route.

So I set off into the summer and was able to get a job as a cashier at the local grocery store because my dad had connections. I was 15, fit, cute, working 40 hours per week, making great money and feeling wonderful and comfortable in my own skin.

My mother, God bless her soul, was a wonderful woman. She was kind, caring, loving, funny and smart. Our home was clean and comfortable, our clothes were clean, she cooked nice meals, there was an abundance of love and respect, and there was no chaos at home.

One thing my mother was, and I am not making fun of her was scared of certain things. My dad’s cousin’s daughter, went off to college and got involved in drugs and alcohol, and never recovered from this. So, my mom associated college with abuse problems. She spent the entire summer talking to me, ad nauseam, about taking the commercial courses over my Junior and Senior year, so that I could always find a job. She said there was no money for college etc. By the end of the summer, the “good girl” Jane, who always did what she was told caved.

The next year I started dating my husband, got engaged at 18, married at 20 and never did go to college.

I am not blaming anyone for this. Most people assume I did go to college, because I am an intelligent woman.

Why am I defining this as “coming clean at 15”? Because I believe all of us humans, and perhaps, woman in particular can remember a time when they felt strong in their lives, even if for a moment. A time when they owned their own power and knew what they wanted, where they were going and were moving and grooving in life.

So here I am after raising two children successfully, going through a divorce, recreating myself and building my business. I do not want to be 15 again. But, I do want to connect with that energy of self-worth, determination and the pearl in the oyster.

I am not suggesting that I do not have moments, hours or days of owning who I am, but the summer of my 15th year it was the consistent feeling over the period of months that I am speaking about. Feeling strong and not being knocked down by the actions of others.

Here’s the deal: it is never too late to start over. Even if there was not a time that you felt like the world was your oyster, you can, step by step create practices to make your goals and dreams a reality. Perhaps you are at a crossroads in your life, or maybe you are feeling a bit vulnerable or overwhelmed.

I have been assisting people in moving forward and creating a life they love and living it powerfully! I am a licensed massage therapist since 1997 specializing in chronic pain and a Certified Health Coach since 2010 and am committed to opening space for people to live life powerfully and drama free.

I am very proud of my two children who are now grown and are productive and caring members of society. I am divorced and very clear about who I am and am dedicated to continual learning of lessons and creating joy in my life and the life of my clients and family.

At every age we can recreate ourselves, play big, be in action and never be defined by what others think or say about us!

Take a deep breath, dream a dream, mourn the past, but don’t live there and let’s get this show on the road.

Jane Stinson, LMT, CHC
Licensed Massage Therapist
Furlong, Pa 18925 (in beautiful Bucks County)

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Samyak Yamauchi July 8, 2014 at 7:33 am

I agree – it’s never too late to start over. Good for you for the work you have done and are doing to get back into your power and to help others to do the same!


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