Flourish Beyond 50-with Jayne Justice

by Judy Griffin on October 19, 2014

Miss Missouri

Miss Missouri


35+ years later-Embracing her vitality and vibrancy.

I am a woman of strong character, hard work, grace, success, beauty, with a bit of stubbornness thrown in. I am most proud of my resilience, hard work, optimistic attitude, willingness to help others, ability to listen, patience, being a mother, and a friend. I have a sense of adventure and love to try new things.

As each birthday rolls around, my goal has always been to maintain or surpass my level of health and fitness. Truly ignoring the number while focusing on wellness, I can honestly say I have been successful while embracing a few more wrinkles. As I approach my fifty eighth Birthday I reflect on where I am, where I am going, how I feel, and how I look! After all, we are women and looking good is important, though as the years fly it how I FEEL is more important. Do I feel young and vibrant? Can I do everything I want to do? Am I evolving and growing spiritually? Am I challenging myself to try new things, letting go of fear, stretching, loving more, laughing more, and being more!

As I reflect on years past, I humbly acknowledge my accomplishments, my mistakes, and realize I have more of life to live. That every day is a gift of which I am incredibly grateful.

Living a vibrant life of joy and vitality is my gift to myself. I deserve it. I want to wake up every day feeling good, both physically and mentally. That way I can fully enjoy, be my best self, tackle my day with purpose.

It has become less and less about the DOING and more and more about BEING. Being my authentic self, living my truth, enjoying each day, and realizing this is ENOUGH. Sometimes, it’s more than I ever imagined.

As a young teenager, I enjoyed swimming, diving, biking, tennis, dancing. Whatever I could do to MOVE my body. Growing up on a farm in the country certainly kept me active, as there were plenty of chores. I loved playing baseball with my brothers, jumping into the creek from a rope, as well as being a girly girl, very conscious of style, learning to sew and feeling pretty. Certainly, my mother had a huge influence on me as the oldest girl of 5 siblings. As we watched the Miss America Pageant every year, she would say, “you can do that, you will be Miss America someday.” Funny, I never doubted her, it was just a question of when and a few how’s. She instilled in me the desire and the belief that it was possible for a small town country girl to realize a dream. I’m so grateful that my Mom made sure I had a few disciplines in place like singling, dancing, playing piano, and instilled an appetite for reading.

When I was crowned Miss Missouri 1977, it was the most exciting point of my life thus far, having achieved that dream and to go on to the Miss America Pageant was thrilling. To work hard, accomplish a goal, live a dream, sparked a confidence in my very being. This CAN DO attitude remains with today. Winning the swimsuit competition was a testament to my focus on fitness so much so that I went on to study Nutrition and major in Dietetics in college.

I realized early, that working as a Dietician in a hospital was not my passion but rather motivating, teaching, coaching others to BE healthy NOW and prevent disease was. Being offered a job on a major cruise line as dietician, fitness instructor, and hostess realized another dream of mine and propelled me in the direction of traveling and discovering what else was possible. When I finally landed in California, I knew I had found my nirvana, the land of opportunity, my love of being outdoors, and love of the ocean.

I veered away from nutrition with a lucrative career in sales where I met my husband and gave birth to beautiful baby girl in my 40’s. The challenges of infertility and multiple tries at in-vitro pregnancy, and delivering 7 weeks early, gave me a different perspective on health and life. Realizing how precious life is and living your passion, I was drawn back into health and wellness.

“Walking the Talk”
Going back to school, becoming a holistic health coach, brought me back full circle to what I love. I am a vivacious person that feels good, loves to move my body, help others, teach, and love to learn. It is a field so expansive and fascinating that it keeps me on your toes daily.

I love teaching my Kangoo Blast classes at the beach and empowering clients to take charge of their lives, their health, and their well-being

I am blessed every day to stretch myself to be the best mom I can be. Exercise is a vital part of my life and also relaxes me. I enjoy Bikram yoga, Pilates, 5 Rhythms dance, walking on the beach, ocean swims, and kickboxing.

Meditation, quiet times, listening to music, playing the piano, are also very important for my relaxation and fueling my inner soul. My close circle of girlfriends support me, hold me, and I cherish our bond.

If I could change one thing, I would have had more children, a noisy houseful , married a bit earlier, started a family sooner. This is my journey and I embrace it.

My favorite saying and quote from my 20’s that I actually said from the stage.

“If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours”!

My favorite affirmation: I am good enough.

What would I tell my younger self? To let go of fear. To not let fear stop me. To live more in the moment with less anticipation of the future. To play more. To think less. Laugh more and harder.

Life is truly a journey, one with many ups and many downs. I am grateful for this path and today I have a bit more wisdom , a bit more patience, and more appreciation to live my life fully and fulfill my dreams. More importantly, I know myself better, am calmer, and happier.

Smile… it makes you prettier!

Give and you will receive so much more in return.


Today is the gift. Wrap it as pretty a package as you can.

Today is the gift. Wrap it as pretty a package as you can.









Jayne is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Fitness Instructor. Visit her at www.jaynejustice.com


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