Flourish Beyond 50~ with Patsie Smith

by Judy Griffin on August 1, 2014

Stepping into a season of ageless vibrancy


I turn 49 in a few months and then closing in on the big 50 next year. Reflecting for a moment to write about ageless vibrancy, I realized that there’s absolutely no regrets at all with every single year of my life. Not that I’m a perfect person with a perfect life, but simply because however imperfect they were, they were the stepping stones toward the complete and whole person that I am today.

My life journey was challenging from a very young age. Due to a dysfunctional childhood I entered adolescent and teenage years confused, struggling and very lost. My inability to navigate through life became like an internal tumor in my psyche that grew till it exploded in my face at the age of 21. Totally despaired, weary and having lost all will to continue, I overdosed on pharmaceutical tablets to try and end the torture. It was just sheer exhaustion from trying to battle a life where I was just the victim.

Amazingly I survived and it was the turning point of my life which started me on a quest to seek, learn and heal myself. I explored into all forms of natural healing and spiritual wisdom and went through ups and downs of self-discovery. I also succumbed to a dependency on alcohol to help numb the emotions and mental thoughts that were too intense for me to confront at the time

Dredging up my old hurts, pains and fears were tumultuous for it meant processing through all my hidden demons. It summoned every ounce of my courage and hard work to reprogram my brain, release my pent up emotions, heal my weary body and be revealed into my true essence of wholeness and peace. My first breakthrough into the start of vibrancy occurred when I experienced the lifting of a major veil after ten years of turbulent healings. This came in the form of an experiential realization of my true essence beyond mind and body.

Following my self-healing and transformation, the damaging and excessive alcohol eventually had to go. So I made the choice to end my relationship with the bottle overnight. Then I worked hard on healing and replenishing my liver and body to full health with natural foods and herbs.

Meditations and spiritual wisdom were the main channels which connected me to my true essence and anchored me in peace. Through that anchor, nature activities, yoga, dancing and drumming slowly melted away my layers of dysfunctional perceptions as I healed and restructured my reality.

The more I healed the more my wholeness was restored.


Nature is life essence itself. Being with and submerging in nature always replenished me with a silent strength.

Nature is life essence itself. Being with and submerging in nature always replenished me with a silent strength. Yoga was a dynamic meditation, for it took me fully into the present moment while releasing blockages in my physical body through postures and breathwork. African dancing and drumming stimulated bursts of fiery energy to cleanse and purge the old and created space for the new.

Today I look back at my journey thus far with gratitude and wisdom. Out of my healings and blossoming from a caterpillar into a butterfly I now thrive in this amazing life with joy and passion. Every day is special because my passions now expand and overflow into love and gifts in helping others on their healing journeys.

Life is a natural cycle of growth and expansion followed by rest and introspection. My favorite  philosophy is to Flow with Life in line with the ancient Eastern wisdom of being accepting, flexible, adaptable and open. Being stiff and resistant in mind and body to the natural flow and cycle of life will simply impede present joy and fulfillment.

So as I approach 50 and beyond, I naturally look forward to the coming years with an adventurous spirit of openness. Now without resistance and fears, I embrace every dream, vision and possibility. Life isn’t just about a beginning or an end and the changes in between for our growth and evolution. It’s about being fully in the present moment with peace and acceptance, which steps us into ageless vibrancy and joy.


Patsie Smith
Spiritual author, guide & healing facilitator,
yoga & meditation teacher,
Perth, Australia











I really appreciate Patsie’s insight into embracing ageless vibrancy. I admire how her journey of healing offered her the beautiful gifts of peace, presence, courage and acceptance. Please share what resonated for you.


Learn about my book Flourish Beyond 50:Your Path to Vibrant Living and  consider sharing your story.

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Virginia Dempsey August 1, 2014 at 4:53 am

What a beautiful story you have. I can relate to quite a lot of it reflecting on my past and reaching the latter half of my forties. Thank you for sharing. x


Judy Griffin August 1, 2014 at 6:26 am

Thank you for sharing your feedback on Patsie’s inspiring story Virginia.


Samyak August 1, 2014 at 9:29 am

Thank you for sharing your journey to health and wholeness. Your story was very compelling. I’m so glad you are now offering your practice in service to others! Have a great day!


Judy Griffin August 1, 2014 at 9:41 am

I appreciate your feedback on Patsie’s story Samyak.


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