Flourish Beyond 50 ~ with Margaretha

by Judy Griffin on July 14, 2014

“You can’t let anything get you down because you never know what’s coming next.”

“You can’t let anything get you down because you never know what’s coming next.”





I had the good fortune of meeting an extremely inspiring woman while  visiting my favorite florist a few months ago.   I first heard her effervescent voice as she responded to the florist’s greeting. She has been a regular customer since the shop opened. No surprise that she is their favorite customer.  They said she always brings her sunshine.

When asked how she was doing, she said “good…I have to be good. I am going to be celebrating my 90th Birthday.” When I turned around to take in this charming voice full of sunshine I was in awe of the beautifully vibrant women with twinkling, sterling blue eyes,  perfectly pink lips accompanied by such an inviting smile and a lovely hairstyle

This was a woman who had something special to share so I immediately introduced myself and we enjoyed a lively conversation.  She shared  so many words of wisdom that I felt like I should be videoing her.

She had 3 children, 11 great grandchildren and lost her husband 28 years ago.  She felt so blessed and remarked what a wonderful life she enjoyed with the man of her dreams.

Surprisingly she had fallen last year, broke her pelvis, and required three months at a rehab facility to recover.  Many 89 year old women would have thrown in the towel right there and remain living in the nursing home indefinitely.. But not Margaretha. It seemed that nothing could keep her down for long as she just stood before me in all her splendor – the picture of ageless vibrancy.

Her strength and zest for living was evident and her life lessons conveyed the beauty of life is so many ways.

This was a resilient woman that celebrated and cherished her life, friends, and family and firmly believed that life was good.  Most importantly she was so grateful for the gifts life has offered  and continues to offer her.

When she proudly shared her name Margaretha Leverage, I complimented her strong surname. Her eyes lit up and her reply just tickled me. “He was quite a man.”  After all these years you could just feel the love.

She said “You can’t let anything get you down because you never know what’s coming next.”

Although she looked and acted so bubbly she sadly shared that she just found out that her daughter has cancer. She got a little teary and even though this was worrisome she wasn’t about to dwell on it. After all, she is a 40 year Breast Cancer Survivor.   When asked her if  she attributes her impressive longevity to any significant lifestyle change, she replied “No, I just don’t believe God thought it was my time. He had other plans for me.”

Clearly her deep faith and positive outlook continue to keep her thriving and reaching out to people.

As a well nourished woman of 89 years she still serves others and  just recently retired from a 40 year volunteer position at a local hospital. She purchased two bouquets of flowers. One  to cheer up a nurse at the Nursing Home she resided at while convalescing and another for a friend working at the hospital who just lost her daughter to cancer.   You could tell that reaching out to support others was a way of life and that she learned early on how good it feels to give.

I felt like meeting  Margaretha was serendipity because I am including real stories of real women who flourish and gracefully ease into the  next season in the book I am writing. Well, this buoyant and beautiful woman was the first woman I engaged with for the book  and she was thrilled since she shared how she always wanted someone to write about her.

She truly is a delightful woman who gives as much as she gets . It seems her secret to flourishing with ageless vibrancy is faith, family, and friends and of course charity.

 When you are surrounded by love you are more apt to reach out to others. What have you learned from Margaretha?  Please post a comment.


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