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by Judy Griffin on February 8, 2014


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How Reiki and Art help you heal the way you see yourself

Reiki has been part of my life for 12 years, and since becoming attuned and travelling through all the healing layers, I have used it in every aspect of my life, in corporate, educational and business fields.  It’s a gentle modality, a versatile and beautiful healing tool and I was first introduced to it 25 years ago, as I set about my own personal healing journey to heal my debilitating illness, M.E/ CFS [myalgic encephalomyelitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome].   I am lucky to be sitting here healthy, having recovered by the time I was 29 – I’m now 45.

I threw myself into becoming my own private investigator; exploring and experiencing many complementary health practices, discovering what worked and what didn’t.  I turned to Art and Craft and they became my healing buddy, helping me with my journey– it formed a huge part of that process, along with many other tools and treatments.

Fast forward to 2012 when I started to focus on my healing art in my creative business and I found myself in a beautiful online group of women from all over the world and as I was moving forward with my healing art I invited them to step forward to let me draw them.

What started out as an illustration, evolved into a healing process that even I, could not have envisioned.

What are Soul Portraits?

They are upper body illustrations that are filled with Reiki symbols.  They are, I like to call them, a ‘healing by proxy’ as once you experience one, it begins to have a domino effect in your life and you start to feel the healing emanate through the colour, lines and form.

I want you to see yourself the way I see you.  I want you to LOVE yourself Just As You Are. I want our families and relationships to heal and for us to heal our relationship with our selves and our body, and to heal the relationship we have with those around us.

What is Reiki:

If you’re not familiar with Reiki, it is a wonderful energy healing system that can be used in any part of your life.  It’s pronounced “ray-key” which means Rei “spiritual” or “sacred ” and ki “energy.” Together they are translated in the West to mean “Universal Energy.”   Ki has the same meaning as Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit, and Ti or Ki in Hawaiian, however, whatever you choose to call this energy, it’s the same vital energy force of all things.

How do I do this?

I invite you to send me 4 or 5 photos; photos you may have just taken that morning or of times where you felt happy about yourself.  I also have a short list of questions that helps me as I begin this process.

When it’s time for me to work, I create sacred space: I call upon my Reiki guardians, guides, my angels and animal spirit guides and I begin to sketch, as I do so, I draw Reiki healing symbols into the pencil marks: symbols for emotional healing, healing the past hurts and support in dealing with present issues, all boosted by the Reiki Power Symbol and Master Symbol.

I spend time immersed in the photographs you have sent me.  I thoroughly enjoy this process because I can have some quiet time to soak in a sense of who you are and what your soul is telling me.
I just love to follow the lines of your form. There’s a point when I just know that I have found an essence and reflection of your divine self and it is then I’ll stop and begin to add the colour. This sketching and illustration phase takes me about 90 minutes from start to finish.

This is all a very calm and meditative time for me, accompanied by music to support me, candles, incense, drum, cards and my crystal dowser.

I imagine you lying before me on my massage couch, getting the same attention.

The finished Soul Portrait becomes a powerful magical totem and can be used in healing spaces, altars, walls, meditations, journals and vision books.

Women who have had a Soul Portrait often go on to have a Muse Mantra created too; this is a digital image that integrates a guiding word, quote, lyric, prayer, phrase alongside their image giving extra oomph to their healing talisman.

Soul Portraits can also be recharged by placing them outside in the sunshine or on a windowsill soaking up full moon shine. Digital images can also be recharged with your intent and I always recommend printing it off to let it soak up these elements.


Lifting your spirit up through the healing power of words and art

Lifting your spirit up through the healing power of words and art

Jules Dolly is an artist, author and healer.  She inspires and guides women to heal the way they see themselves, empowering them to look their divine self in the eyes by creating their Soul Portrait Muse, original hand drawn illustrations, used as powerful totems in healing spaces, altars, meditations and visual journals, Jules weaves Reiki symbols into every image.

She now has over 200 Soul Portraits all over the world, which she records in her Reiki Blessing Book and during her self Reiki practice she also sends an extra healing boost to all of her illustrations – ultimately recharging the healing totem wherever they may be.

With an honors degree in Health, teacher and author of two books, she is a Reiki Master, NLP Coach and trained Counselor with 18 years experience working within therapeutic and educational backgrounds.  She’s currently writing her third book about her healing journey back to health from M.E. when she was in her 20s.


Learn more about Jules Dolly and her work by signing up for my Guest Healer Interview with Julia on February 26, 2:30 est. You can  visit Julia at:

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