Introducing Flourish Beyond 50

by Judy Griffin on April 18, 2014

Celebrating 50 in Bermuda was Flourishing with FUN

Celebrating 50 in Bermuda was Flourishing with FUN

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I flourish as a Mom of my 4 beautiful kids and the love of my life at my side

Flourish  Beyond 50:  Your Path to Vibrant Living

This is the title of the book I am writing and you’re invited  to be part of it in every step of the way. Whether you stepped into this beautiful season decades ago, or recently arrived, or you are just getting your feet wet you can discover your path to vibrant living.

This book is about honoring our journey, who we are and what we have to offer.

What does vibrant living mean to you?

“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”~Franz Kafka 

I am so inspired to write this book because  every woman no matter what their circumstance can flourish because living vibrantly starts with a choice.

Just like a garden of flowers or vegetables, flourishing can look different from one woman to the next as  we all have different goals, values, and experiences.

 A woman who flourishes shows up in her life and in the life of her friends, family, colleagues, clients, and students. She has confidence, loves herself, is in touch with her essence, has a sense of purpose and passion, voices her feelings and opinions and most importantly takes care of herself. She voices her dreams and desires. She feels comfortable in her body and can relax in the present moment. Her inner beauty shows up in her smile, her laugh and the way she dances through her life.

Although we can flourish at any ageflourishing is truly a gift that becomes more attainable with the wisdom and confidence offered by each decade.

As women mature and reach inside they often find what was there all along but they just couldn’t see it. With each passing birthday and decade you have the opportunity to open these gifts.  I have loved opening mine. The younger me was so indecisive. She lacked confidence and didn’t always believe in herself.  She had no idea what self-care or self-love was. She was a people pleaser and wanted everyone to like her. She wasn’t very assertive and wanted everyone to get along.

Her journey was just beginning. With each passing year she grew wiser and more courageous with life’s ups and downs.  She learned to trust her intuition. She  knows herself so much better now than in her twenties. She is more confident, more comfortable in her body and better equipped to voice her feelings.

Confidence, communication,  and courage are gifts I cherish. I am grateful for all the riches I harvested from my experiences and for all of the nourishing nuggets I learned by listening to women along the way.

We can flourish in a variety of ways since there is no blueprint. We flourish when we discover what really suits and serves us.

We flourish when we:

  • Cook and eat nourishing foods
  • Love & take care of ourselves and fill our lives with loving partners, family, and friends.
  • Strengthen our body with fitness activities that we enjoy.
  • Pursue our passion
  • Address our needs
  • Stand up for ourselves
  • Play and have fun
  • Feel a sense of harmony in the various aspects of our lives.
  • Feel joy and happiness.
  • Enjoy the simple things like a sunny day, a beautiful rainbow, or a soothing ocean swim.

Now this is my top ten today but this can change over time since our circumstances, needs, desires and state of being are always evolving.

What’s your Top 10 Ways to Flourish?

This book celebrates the many ways women flourish. We flourish when we find our best self and learn how to address our needs and desires. We can flourish as mothers, teachers, physicians, nurses, health care professionals, cashiers, cooks, scientists, community volunteers, career woman, technicians, military personnel, bank tellers, bakers, entrepreneurs, authors, caretakers, actresses, designers, attorneys and so much more.

Flourishing is a practice not a destination.  Flourishing is a work in progress just like yoga.  We need to practice flourishing.  Sure we’ll experience setbacks along the way but if flourishing is our goal we can always embrace the choices that support our mission.

It’s about choosing to live vibrantly and feeding your life so you can blossom, grow, and thrive.

I love to see woman flourishing and living vibrant lives instead of  giving up on themselves in their 40’s and 50’s and accepting their lack of energy, zest for life, excess weight, health challenges as a routine part of aging.

Aging is a state of mind and we don’t need  to surrender to a withering body, deteriorating mind, and lack luster life.

Listen and learn from the amazing women you encounter. Whether it be family, friends, teachers, wellness experts, role models, or a lovely lady at the  florist; women have so many golden nuggets to share.

This is why I want to include real stories from real women who flourish and embrace vibrant living.  Women gathering to exchange ideas is empowering. It is vital to honor and celebrate each other and remember that older women especially can impart so much valuable wisdom to us.  There is so much power in that.

So I will be featuring real women like you. Each day I will either be posting excerpts from the book, or stories from real women like you.

Would  you like to be featured on my blog and possibly in the book?

Please post a comment sharing how you flourish, or want to flourish, or any challenges that stand in your way of living vibrantly. Share  your story by signing up here Then you will receive the guidelines on sharing your story.  All submitted posts will be featured on the blog and excerpts from some of these stories will be featured in the book.

Calling all women ~ You’re invited to step up and share your flourishing story of embracing ageless vibrancy. 

I have already interviewed two women for the book. One is about to turn 89 and the other  just celebrated her 99th Birthday. Meeting and interviewing these women has been such a rich and valuable experience. Their stories add a delightful flavor and inspiring message.

Women of all ages are welcome to participate.

I am so exciting to hear your stories because they will help make this book be an inspiring celebration of woman. Please join in the FLOURISHING FUN.


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Sue Jorgenson April 18, 2014 at 2:22 pm

Hi, Judy – what an awesome project! I started my own business when I was 55, two and a half years ago, and I have been following my passions and interests. Need to return to my own blog ( but at 57 going on 58 I refuse to be perceived as getting “older.” With silver hair halfway down my back and a life that really isn’t lackluster, I love my 50s and I look forward to my 60s! Please e-mail me as I’m very interested…


Judy Griffin April 18, 2014 at 2:54 pm

Thank you for being my first woman to offer to share your beautiful and inspiring story and message Sue. I love the vision of silver hair down your back. You will be hearing from me. I look forward to reading more about you.


Ann Kershaw April 19, 2014 at 5:51 am

Judy, Wow! Women are going to be so motivated by this book! With the children grown and on their own, I now have the time, desire and need to concentrate on ME. My business has grown tremendously, I get to spend time doing the things I enjoy and want to pursue: tennis, quilting and my health. There is more interest in learning about things, traveling to new places and just being content in the here and now. Last November I finally met with a dietician and she encouraged me to change how I eat and to try to incorporate new healthy foods such as yougurt into my diet. I have had fun making healthy smoothies. I have been able to greatly reduce many of the medications that I had to take for years. I would enjoy hearing more about your project.


Judy Griffin April 19, 2014 at 5:59 am

Hi Ann-Thank you for sharing your encouraging feedback and inspiring intro to your flourishing life. I love that you have the time to focus on you. I look forward to learning more about you. I will be sending you the info to share your story on the blog.


Christine Boutross April 26, 2014 at 3:46 pm

I love your project and the title of your book. Would love to be a part of it.
In 2004 after over 30 years, I left my job as an eucator to follow my passion of health and fitness. I became a personal trainer at age 55 and ten years later I have built a wonderful client base. I train 60 + clients every two weeks. In addition I coach about 75 Integrative Nutrition students. I continue to workout and swim on a Masters Team.


Judy Griffin April 27, 2014 at 6:49 am

Thank you Christine. I appreciate your encouraging feedback and love what you have cultivated in your life. I love how you changed gears in your 50’s and built a blossoming business that helps so many people. I look forward to you sharing your story. Be sure to sign up at the link above to receive the guidelines for stepping up to share your story.


Siobhán April 27, 2014 at 12:46 am

Judy good luck with this great project. We need to get the word out that women in their 50’s and beyond rock! I set up a healing centre when I was 51 and have never looked back. When we wise women Flourish, the ripples extend across our whole communities. Look forward to reading your best seller;)


Judy Griffin April 27, 2014 at 6:44 am

Thank you Siobhan. I appreciate your encouragement and I love your inspiring message. I look forward to you participating and sharing your story. I was fortunate to get a beautiful glimpse when I attended your Flourish Fest in Ireland last year.


polly leaf April 27, 2014 at 7:34 am

Hi Judy-This is a wonderful idea, to have women over 50 share meaningful experiences; I know I love reading about their journeys. I am going to be 76 in October, and am proud of it! As a result of four visits to The Ashram, in Calabasas, CA way back in the 80s, I became committed to consistent exercise, be it jogging or hiking or yoga. Now I find that the practice of yoga is maintaining my physical fitness as well as bringing a healthy perspective to my life. I can observe patterns that have formed over the years and work forward from them. I don’t feel old; I just feel very much alive, grateful and hopeful.


Judy Griffin April 27, 2014 at 10:35 am

Thank you for your inspiring message Polly. I appreciate your encouraging feedback and participation an admire your vibrant attitude and zest for life. Alive, grateful, and hopeful are beautiful feelings. I look forward to reading more about your story.


Beth May 7, 2014 at 3:51 pm

I want to share a little background 11 years ago, After another failed marriage, I moved back home, to help care for allying family members, “MY LIFE WAS PLACED ON HOLD” I shut myself off from the world and only focused on working and my Gram… I worked 65-70 hours a week and came home to care for my gram, (She became my world) shortly after I moved my father fell ill, he was ill for sometime, I called him that day in the morning, as I seen his light on, I would always call and talk to him in the morning if he was up, ( the day before I called him and we talked all the way till I arrived at work) This day he did not pick up the phone, I was running late and thought about turning around and didn’t due to running late, I sure wish I had turned around that day as This day he passed away 6 years ago, Right after that my gram had a stroke. it was bad. I found her when I was leaving for work.. the next few years when I got off work, I went home to care for her, feed her, bath her and laid at her feet when I was to tired to stay awake, in case she tried to get up.. Two years I watched her slip away from me, She passed away on 11-1-10, Then I lost my Job, and during this time I lost a brother, three cats, and two dogs, I went into a more serious depression. Just going through the motions of life, The loss of my best friend my gram was to much for me…I almost did not make it through last year 2013. Feeling so lost and not knowing what direction to go… December was the hardest for me to get through. I spent December mostly at the grave. and something kicked in one day I was there, ( I’m sure it was My gram) Whatever it was woke me up, and lit a fire in my soul, On January 12,2014 two days what would have been her Birthday I started a page to help myself. Just something for me to motivate myself, Everyday I started posting things I liked and inspired me. Things that kept me positive or made me Laugh, As I did not want to fall back into the depression I had lived in for so long, My few friends started following my page and sharing my post’s, Soon more and more people started following my page, People have Thanked me for my page and have told me it has helped them. My only Goal at the time was to help myself. the fact that I have been able to inspire others is a True Blessing, The Past year I have lost almost 1/2 my Body weight I had gained, I am back up and on my feet now…..I now resume my life after over a decade shut off from the world. I feel that I have my gram at my side, She is my Angle Guiding me now, I feel strong and confident, I keep moving froward and I Believe in Myself…

Opening my heart. my mind, and my soul… for this year will be my year…. feeling rested and ready for my journey… This is my journey back to myself….


Judy Griffin May 7, 2014 at 6:14 pm

What an inspiring story you have shared here Beth. I so admire how you made a choice to turn you life around despite your sad circumstances and the immense grief you were suffering from. What an achievement in releasing half your body weight and nourishing your body, heart and soul in such a beautiful way. I love that your journey back to you continues. So where along the way I found your page and love your meaningful posts. Thnk you for sharing here and for also participating in my Flourish at 50 and beyond Blog/Book Project.


Julia Dolowicz May 15, 2014 at 7:19 am

Judy, to be included in this would be a real joy. I am tapped into my passions and create the life I want to live around me. However I have an obstacle that does stand in my way and that is I have not had children and therefore am not a mom. It has been something that I have worked through so much and I really know that I’m a mom to my furkids, my stepdaughter and my nieces, but still, having a family of my own with my 2nd husband has just not happened. I have just over 4 years until I turn 50 and I want to embrace and flourish in this beautiful age.


Judy Griffin May 15, 2014 at 8:50 am

Thank you for your heartfelt response. I love how you are so tapped into your talents and have found your purpose in the life you created and yet are honest about sharing your sadness about your yearning to give birth to a baby. My best friend from college had a lifelong dream about becoming a Mom and she finally achieved that dream giving birth to twins at just before her 49th Birthday. I look forward to hearing more of your story as well as seeing more of your beautiful art work.


Robin August 20, 2014 at 8:09 am

Hi Judy,

An idea, feel free to reject it! The simpler the better.
1) Flourishing: Embrace Ageless Vibrancy – or –
2) Flourishing: Embrace Agelessness


Judy Griffin March 1, 2015 at 2:24 pm

Thanks Robin. I appreciate your ideas.


Karen February 7, 2015 at 8:38 pm

This looks like a terrific book & positive approach to aging well!! Thanks & I can’t wait to read it!


Judy Griffin March 1, 2015 at 2:26 pm

Thank you Karen. I appreciate your feedback. I look forward to hearing more after you read it.


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