Post Thanksgiving Cleanse has us Thriving

by Judy Griffin on December 5, 2012

So happy to have guided an intimate community of 13 women on our Nourishing Team Cleanse. It was scheduled for an earlier date but Hurricane Sandy swept that away. Due to the Hurricane aftermath many would be cleansers needed to focus their attention on much more than a cleanse so this lovely  group joined together to cook with our hearts and share in a week of vibrant health.

Personally, I found cleansing after Thanksgiving to be extremely uplifting. An ideal way to shape up for the Holiday Season. I found that many people, including yours truly, found themselves indulging a bit more this fall so we all needed to carve out a path to help us Flourish throughout the season.

Each time I do a cleanse I refresh my commitment to preparing, eating, and cooking much more vegan fare and am so inspired to experiment and create new recipes. I feel so revitalized when I eat real whole clean foods. This time around I was thrilled to see the healthy impact of cleansing on my complexion. I also loved that Kayla, my 20 yr old daughter joined us. Through the years she has really developed healthy lifestyle practices but it was great to see explore new ways to thrive.

If you want to thrive throughout the Holiday Season and beyond checkout my Holiday Breeze Guide. An ideal way to gain support while offering support to the Local Sandy Relief Effort.

Check out some  Raves from my lovely ladies.

“As always I feel energized powerful and clean! A week without caffeine and sugar has cleared up my headaches and sluggishness. Each cleanse brings me new insight. This time I hope to reduce or eliminate caffeine from my diet. Thank you for the daily inspiration and for planning this. It is challenging doing this by myself, but I never feel alone reading all the posts and info. I feel so fabulous and energized. I hope everyone had a positive cleanse and will keep up the healthy lifestyle. Since I started this 4 years ago, I have made changes to my diet (no dairy, minimal meat), that have cleared up chronic sinus infections and lowered my cholesterol. Like Judy said, if you make the changes slowly and stick to it 80% of the time, its great progress.  Anne Cornell

“Thank you for a Lovely dinner last night, the food was delicious. I really enjoyed this cleanse, although I usually eat healthy, I was definitely off track and needed a good kick start and this was it. I am feeling really good today, I made myself a green smoothie this morning with Tumeric & Cayenne Pepper and I am having Split pea soup for lunch. I plan to continue to eat this way in an effort to help my aches and pains and joint swelling from arthritis. In just a week I feel so much better eating an anti-inflammatory diet and I noticed that my fingers are not as swollen and my joints are not as achy. So I do believe I am on the right track. Thank you for all your time and preparation to make each cleanse extra special.”  Love and Light Diane Mauceri

“Loved the cookies last night Judy!! Thx again for being a super cleanse Coach!”  Georgette Rich

“Thanks for my dinner goodies last night.  I woke up feeling great. So proud of myself that I actually started eating healthy again. Love that one of the benefits of eating healthy and cleansing is weight loss. I feel like I’m finally on my way again to feeling good, inside and out.

Our Cleanse Celebration Supper- a bounty of energizing green smoothies, delicious food, well-nourished women, scrumptious cookies and tasty tea.

Blessings, Light and Love, Marianne




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