My oldest child is turning 10 soon.  My youngest turned 2 in October.  This means that for 10 years, I’ve been deeply focused on other’s needs, multitasking, sleeping poorly, and truly putting my needs aside because everyone else was so much louder.  I remember as each of my children moved into age 2, I […]


Don’t we all just want to feel special?

by Judy Griffin on February 14, 2013

Don’t we all just want to feel special? I know I do and am so very grateful to the people that make me feel this way. Around Valentine’s Day the focus is love but I think the real point is letting those you love know how special they are to you. It’s so important to […]


Word up! What’s your word for 2013?

by Judy Griffin on January 11, 2013

Forget about resolutions, choosing a word is an ideal way to create your intention. Want to give it a whirl? What resonates for you?  What do you crave?  Just choose from your heart. My choice words  relate. Focusing on breath and time will help be weave in harmony and flourish. Everyone that knows me sees […]


Why I prefer Intentions over Resolutions

by Judy Griffin on January 9, 2013

“A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one Year and out the other.”                 Author Unknown Are you struggling with that resolution you made a couple of weeks back? You’re not alone.  Research shows that by the end of January about 30% of resolutions have dissolved. Why the high failure rate?  Perhaps because resolutions […]

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Holiday Bliss vs. Holiday Stress

by Judy Griffin on December 12, 2012

So what do you do when you have an enormous Holiday To Do List? Do you move heaven & earth to get it all done? Or do you ease into it and take it one day at a time? I myself have played it both ways and clearly learned how trying to be Super Woman […]


Power up your day with a Green Smoothie

by Judy Griffin on January 12, 2012

Learn to love greens because they nourish each & every cell. A great way to eat more greens is to drink Energizing Green smoothies to revitalize your body with chlorophyll. * Very nutritious. The 60:40 ratio of fruits to veggies is optimal since the fruit taste dominates the flavor, yet at the same time the […]


Calm Heart Meditation

by Judy Griffin on January 9, 2012

I have made an intention to incorporate daily meditation into my life. I know this will benefit me in numerous ways. I find meditating calms my body and mind, reduces stress, blankets me with comfort, and really helps me focus and find some balance. The trick for me is carving out this time regularly so […]

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