Meditation – Is it Indeed Magical? By Alexandra Roach, Certified Integrative Health Coach, RYT & Meditation Teacher Meditation is said to come with many health benefits. When you sit in stillness, your cardiovascular system slows down, your breathing stabilizes, your blood pressure is lower, your digestive system is able to balance and absorb more nutrients. […]


  My oldest child is turning 10 soon.  My youngest turned 2 in October.  This means that for 10 years, I’ve been deeply focused on other’s needs, multitasking, sleeping poorly, and truly putting my needs aside because everyone else was so much louder.  I remember as each of my children moved into age 2, I […]


Word up! What’s your word for 2013?

by Judy Griffin on January 11, 2013

Forget about resolutions, choosing a word is an ideal way to create your intention. Want to give it a whirl? What resonates for you?  What do you crave?  Just choose from your heart. My choice words  relate. Focusing on breath and time will help be weave in harmony and flourish. Everyone that knows me sees […]


Calm Heart Meditation

by Judy Griffin on January 9, 2012

I have made an intention to incorporate daily meditation into my life. I know this will benefit me in numerous ways. I find meditating calms my body and mind, reduces stress, blankets me with comfort, and really helps me focus and find some balance. The trick for me is carving out this time regularly so […]

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Holiday Stress Busters & Tips that will make you Glow!

by Judy Griffin on December 14, 2011

                  “The work will get done. It will be done better than work that emerges from tiredness of soul and spirit. Nurtured, nourished people who love themselves and care for themselves are the delight of the universe. They are well-timed, efficient, and divinely-led.” —  Melody Beattie Sometimes in […]