The Healing Power of Music with Healing Songstress Carolan Deacon

by Judy Griffin on October 23, 2013

 “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” Maya Angelou

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.”
Maya Angelou

I am thrilled to introduce my friend, a beautiful Healing Songstress to you. Carolan is like a beautiful fairy waving her wand of magical  music and sharing her enchanted voice wherever she goes.

Read on to learn how Carolan uses music as a healing tool.

I know what it feels like to move through your day feeling like you are half-asleep …maybe not even realizing it.I also know what it feels like to live in the chains of anxiety and fear, that can keep you from feeling joy and living vibrantly. The pure and simple reason I do what I do is because I have experienced first hand the HUGE power of music and healing arts in helping to gain clarity, ease fear, feel true joy and live your best life.

There is nothing in this world that changes my perspective like music. Nothing.

I can be in the throes of despair or climbing the walls …click play…and all my muscles start to melt. My mind starts to clear and my world is righted once more.

In the darkest moments of my life, song has been my saving grace.
Music as a healing modality is a beautiful science AND an art…and (in my not so humble opinion) hugely underutilized. Now, I use it as a proactive tool to shift thought patterns, ease stress and balance hormones (yes!) .

I help women find their balance and thrive again. I do this with music and other healing arts…pleasures…expression.

Interested in learning more about Music as a healing Modality? Sign up for the free call with Carolan on Tuesday 10/29 at 2:00 p.m.

Sign up to get the recording even if you can’t make it.

Please enjoy a short video created around a song of mine…a song  to help you find your way back to Loving yourself and living free…with intention…with compassion…with ease and grace.



Carolan Deacon

~A tiny bit on me: I am a Healing Songstress and Illuminator of Beauty and Truth. I am also the grateful creator of Life in Color Concerts and Ease & Grace Circle and private coaching. I’ve been fortunate to have shared the stage with Martina McBride and others and shared my music, concerts and healing arts programs around the world. I am a fiercely loving guide to your ease.

Do you have any questions or comments for Carolan? Please share in comments.


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